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Find peace of mind during tax season

Filing or amending tax returns can be stressful. Below are common documents that may be required when consulting with D & P Business Services Inc. We will ensure a smooth processing of your

tax return.

Review the documents listed below, and make sure you're prepared for tax season. We'll handle the rest!

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The following forms should be provided to complete an individual tax return:

  • Prior year tax return (new client)

  • Social Security Cards for clients and dependents and Birth


  • W2’s from all employers

  • W2’G – gambling winnings

  • 1099’s which includes interest, miscellaneous and retirement, Government (unemployment)

  • 1099 SSA  - Social Security Statements

  • 1099R Retirement income statement

  • Brokerage year end statements (which includes stock purchases, sales, dividends and interest)

  • Tuition Statements from the Colleges 1098T and proof of payments

  • Property tax payments

  • Excise tax payments

  • Amount paid for medical expenses, medical insurance and long  

         term care insurance

  • EIC (earned income credit) copies of birth certificates, and proof of residency for each dependent.

  • Energy efficient improvements to the home

  • K1’s from partnerships, Sub S Corporations and Estates or Trusts

  • Estimated income tax payment amounts and dates paid

  • Health Care Insurance documentation HC form

  • Mortgage Interest statements 1098 int

  • Charitable contributions

If you have income property, please bring the following:

  • Breakdown of income and expenses

  • Invoices for capital expenditures (i.e.: roof, furnace etc.)

  • If first year - Purchase and sale of property documentation or  settlement statement

Schedule C (Sole Proprietor and Disregarded Entity):

  • Summary of income and expenses

  • Purchases and sale of equipment or business

  • Inventory

  • Business miles

  • Office in the home expenses

  • Estimated income tax payments, amounts and dates paid

  • IRA or Sep contributions

  • Health insurance premiums

*Other items not on any of the above lists may be requested.