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Find peace of mind during tax season

Filing or amending tax returns can be stressful. Below are common documents that may be required when consulting with D & P Business Services Inc. We will ensure a smooth processing of your tax return.

Review the documents listed below, and make sure you're prepared for tax season. We'll handle the rest!

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Form 1065
  • Prior year tax return (new clients)

  • Summary of income and expenses including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement (comparative with prior year)

  • Payroll records including 941’s, W3 and copies of W2’s

  • Suta payments

  • Futa Payment

  • Sales and meals taxes paid

The following items should be provided:

  • Estimated payments to the State and IRS

  • Purchase and sale of equipment, included trade in items.

  • Year-end bank reconciliation for cash accounts

  • Loan balances/credit card statements at year end

  • Depreciation schedule

  • Business miles

  • Copy of Annual Report

*Additional information may be requested.